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Town of Enfield Government

Boards, Committees & Commissions

  1. Aquifer Protection Agency

    View the Aquifer Protection Agency's meeting documents.

  2. Area 25 Cable TV Advisory Committee

    The Area 25 Cable Television Advisory Committee was established by Resolution 4519, by the Enfield Town Council.

  3. Athletic Hall of Fame Committee

    The Athletic Hall of Fame Committee is a self-appointing agency.

  4. Board of Assessment Appeals

    The Board of Assessment Appeals is a 3-member board established in accordance with the Enfield Town Charter.

  5. Board of Education

    Browse the meeting documents for the Board of Education.

  6. Building Code Board of Appeals

    A board of appeals shall be appointed by each municipality.

  7. Clean Energy Committee

    The committee is appointed by the Town Council to educate and inspire the community about clean energy and energy efficiency.

  8. Commission on Aging

    The Commission on Aging was established to study the needs of and coordinate the programs for the aging.

  9. Connecticut Water Company Advisory Council

    The purpose of the Connecticut Water Company Advisory Council is to provide the residents with advocates to air complaints about service, water quality and fees.

  10. Conservation Commission

    The Conservation Commission is responsible for the development and conservation of natural resources, including water resources.

  11. Enfield Culture and Arts Commission

    The purpose of this commission is to encourage participation in and promotion, development and acceptance of artistic and cultural activities.

  12. Economic Development Commission

    The purpose of the Economic Development Commission shall be for the promotion and development of the economic resources of the Town of Enfield.

  13. Enfield Beautification Committee

    The Enfield Beautification Committee is responsible for advising the Town Council and any other board, agency, or commission desiring their assistance in planning for the orderly growth and beautification of the community.

  14. Enfield High School Building Committee

    The construction for the new high school includes multiple phases. There will be several new additions to the building with the largest being the Enrico Fermi STEAM Wing. This will house the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math programs.

  15. Enfield Revitalization Strategy Committee

    The Enfield Revitalization Strategy Committee was established by the Town Council as the Thompsonville Revitalization Strategy Committee to develop a strategy to create a sense of identity of place for Thompsonville.

  16. Ethics Commission

    The Ethics Commission is empowered to investigate allegations of unethical conduct, corrupting influence, illegal activities, or other behavior levied against any municipal official, officer or employee which would reflect adversely against the Town of Enfield.

  17. Fair Rent Commission

    The Fair Rent Commission receives and hears complaints and conducts studies in order to control and eliminate excessive rental charges.

  18. Historic District Commission

    The Historic District Commission shall not consider interior arrangement or use and shall take no action except for the purpose of preventing the erection, reconstruction, restoration, alteration or razing of buildings in the historic district obviously incongruous with the historic aspects of the district.

  19. Human Services Advisory Commission

    The purpose of the Human Services Advisory Commission is to review and monitor non-profit human service agencies and programs which are supported financially by the town, or provided directly by the town and advise the council of strategies for improved service.

  20. Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Agency

    The Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency is responsible for regulating and permitting any proposed clearing, filling, excavation, paving, grading and discharge of storm water in and within 100 feet of any wetlands and/or watercourses.

  21. John F. Kennedy School Pre-Referendum Committee

    This committee is in existence due to the needed improvements to John F. Kennedy Middle School. Such improvements will require a referendum and before it can be placed on the ballot, a number of important actions must be completed.

  22. Joint Facilities Committee

    This committee will review Town and Board of Education facility needs in order to prioritize facility improvement projects and develop a schedule and funding plan for implementation.

  23. Library Board of Trustees

    The Library Board of Trustees, established within the Town Charter (Chapter V, Section 5) is a Town Council appointed board consisting of 3 members, for a 3 term of office.

  24. Loan Review Committee

    The loan review committee was formed by the town council at its meeting of February 22, 1983. The committee was established to review and approve all loan applications, review and approve all deferred payment loan applications, review and approve all combination loans and deferred payment loan applications, review and approve all forgiveness loans and recommend from time to time changes in the policies and guidelines of the Residential Rehabilitation Program.

  25. North Central District Health Department

    Seven municipalities make up the North Central District Health Department and meet the second Wednesday of every month. The term is three (3) years.

  26. Planning & Zoning Commission

    The Planning and Zoning Commission was established in accordance with Chapter V, Section 2 of the Town Charter.

  27. Prison / Town Liaison Committee

    The Prison / Town Liaison Committee was formed by the adoption of Resolution #9471, adopted by the Town Council at a special meeting held on July 23, 1990. The purpose of the committee is to open the lines of communication and the exchange of information between residents of Enfield,

  28. Town Council

    Town Council Regular Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month. All residents are encouraged to attend and participate in a discussion with Town Council members and staff.

  29. Town Council Subcommittees

    Browse meeting documents from the subcommittees of the Enfield Town Council.

  30. Vacancies/Reappointments

    View current vacancies of the Town Board of Enfield.

  31. Water Pollution Control Authority

    Learn about water pollution control in the city.

  32. Zoning Board of Appeals

    The Zoning Board of Appeals was created in accordance with title 8, chapter 124, section 8-5 of the CT general statutes. The responsibility of the board is to hear and decide appeals where it is alleged that there is an error in any order, requirement or decision made by the official charged with the enforcement of chapter 124 or any bylaw, ordinance or regulation adopted under the provisions of this chapter and to hear and decide all matters including special exceptions and special exemptions under section 8-2g upon which it is required to pass by the specific terms of the zoning bylaws, ordinance or regulations in harmony with their general purpose and intent and with the due consideration for conserving the public health, safety, convenience, welfare and property values solely with respect to a particular parcel of land.

Doing Business

  1. Assessment Information

  2. Building Inspections

    The Division of Building Inspection is a public safety law enforcement agency that exercises the police powers of the state over the built environment.

  3. Business Resources

    Review our business resources.

  4. Community Development

    The Office of Community Development (OCD) is responsible for administering funds from the State's Small Cities Block Grant program and other related programs.

  5. Development Services

    To help build a healthy, safe and prosperous town through customer-focused planning, development and enforcement.

  6. Doing Business with the Town

    Browse a variety of resources for working in Enfield.

  7. Economic Development

    Enfield is a community dedicated to our local businesses and welcomes responsible growth to strengthen our commercial tax base and enhance the character of our community.

  8. Enfield Beautification Committee

    The Enfield Beautification Committee is responsible for advising the Town Council and any other board, agency, or commission desiring their assistance in planning for the orderly growth and beautification of the community.

  9. Excavation Permits

    This will direct businesses to the Engineering Office page which provides information on excavating and has the excavating permit application.

  10. GIS/Mapping

  11. Planning & Zoning Services

    The Planning Department's mission is to help ensure the health, safety and welfare of the people of Enfield and to provide a better quality of life through high professional standards of planning, community development and enforcement services.

  12. Relocating a Business

    Find your place in Enfield!

  13. Taxes

    There are 169 cities and towns in Connecticut. Each provides various services, such as public school education, police and fire protection and public road maintenance.

  14. Thompsonville Reinvigoration

    Learn about our Thompsonville Reinvigoration programs.

  15. Think Enfield!

    Review demographics and information about our amazing location.


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